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3DPRINT.COM presents our new tool

3DPrint.com (Magazine on 3D Printing Technologies) presents our multifunction tool to cut 3D shapes, made using the 3D Forming system.
The article: [Back in November, we covered the unique thermoforming system developed by the Italian company Robot Factory, called 3D FORMING. The thermoforming process involves a heated sheet of plastic that becomes pliable enough to be formed into a mold. Robot Factory’s system can be used to either create molds or finished 3D objects, but these objects aren’t usually done after the thermoforming process is completed. 3D FORMING users must also finish the part, which requires removing the border from these thermoformed objects. To assist with this, Robot Factory has just announced support for the multifunction vibration tool Bosch PMF 220 CE, which can cut shapes made with the 3D FORMING system. This multifunction system allows users to easily cut the edges of the thermoformed piece in a smooth and safe manner, providing pristinely finished products and containers for presentation packaging. Check out the demonstrative video below!]


Read more: https://3dprint.com/161741/swm-january-14-2017/