3D Printing

Ensuring safety in Labs

It’s essential to educate

to a safety use of 3D printing technology.

As technologies around the additive manufacturing are spreading in all areas and all market sectors, the safety has to become one of the most crucial pointers in the evaluation of a 3D printer. Use of 3D printers is great as well as efficiency, in all sectors, but their diffusion cannot be separated from the safety of the users and security of the labs.

In the last years 3D printers world market saw numerous companies which tend to save on technology to provide a low-cost product, these solutions, in the main cases, cannot ensure safety at the shop floor. In addition, the habit of placing a 3D printer in a place, where it would be very easy for a fire to flare up uncontrollably, it is very common… So, in the last few months all the major magazines, that talk about technology, are raising their attention to the problem of security and they are talking about it, because the problem is getting serious. So, we too would focus on this issue.

It is primarily important a safe use by users. These could be the most frequently seen operational mistakes that could cause tragedy:

1. Installation in an unsafe manner, with flammable materials nearby or in some cases touching the equipment
2. Lack of proximity located smoke and fire detection equipment, and lack of fire extinguishing equipment nearby
3. Modifications to the machine’s design that are unsafe
4. Poor operating procedures and lack of clear instructions.

However, safety is basically lacking when the equipment has been designed without experience in the field, or the same has been made in economy (low-cost production), or the user has not been instructed for safe use.

Many 3D printers are purchased from countries where industrial standards and regulations may be different from your home base. In other words, you may be operating a device that doesn’t meet your country’s electrical and safety standards. This is often allowed; you can order almost anything from anywhere. But when you do so, you implicitly take on the risk of operating the device.

So, the first suggestion that we would give it’s to use certified equipment well crafted! You might be surprised to find that the fun desktop 3D printer in your lab may become the cause of a tragedy.

It is important during the evaluations made for the purchase of your 3D printer always to keep in mind four main factors in terms of security:

1) Construction solutions adopted to determine a safe usability
2) Type and quality of used components
3) Well designed structure of equipment
4) Detailed and clear instructions for the correct use of equipment.

Another important feature to be considered for a proper choice (especially if the purchase is made for professional uses) is the manufacturer guarantee and certification of the products accordance with regulations in force.

We are available for any clarification and explanation regarding the quality of Robot Factory 3D printers.