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Montichiari (Italy) September 5th – 6th 2015

Montichiari (Italy) September 5th – 6th 2015

During the weekend of September 5th – 6th, 2015, took place the historic Electronics Fair in Montichiari (Italy), to which we have participated after a few editions of absence, for live present to a wide public our system CopperFace.


For a keen and knowledgeable audience, like what we met at the fair in Montichiari, the absolute novelty of Copperface will make talk about itself long time for its functionality, versatility and ratio quality-price.


During the two days of the fair we ‘plated’ many objects, of various materials (objects in resin or plastic, shells of shellfish, pasta, candles, etc.), also to demonstrate the wide variety of applications that such product may have.