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Another video – ‘3D Forming at School’ activity


Another video that resumes activity in the classroom as part of the ‘3D Forming at School’ project. The video documents a concrete example of use of 3D Forming in the Classroom.

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3D FORMING …at School


With the introduction of the 3D FORMING system in the School, thermoforming can be used in the learning environment to develop the pupil’s interest, involving them for create 3D thermo-formed items, useful for learning purposes.

This video resumes a classroom activity using the 3D FORMING system

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Additive manufacturing with new materials


The researchers of the Italian Institute of Technology, and the DISAT Department of University based in Turin, are using Robotfactory 3D Printers – mod. 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ – to optimize the development of new formulations for DLP (Digital Light Processing) printing.

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BioGlassCeramics 3D Printing


Uses of Additive Manufacturing to obtain reticular structures, BioGlassCeramics based, in order to regenerate the human bone and optimization of the parameters of sinter crystallization of glassy mixtures components for biomedical tissue engineering.

The research on materials has been conducted using the 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ (3D Printer by Robot Factory).

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3DPRINT.COM presents our new tool

3dprintcom (Magazine on 3D Printing Technologies) presents our multifunction tool to cut 3D shapes, made using the 3D Forming system. Read more…

Two new videos show the 3D Forming use


In recent days, two new videos were published on YouTube, they show the 3D Forming use.

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Other video on use of the 3D Forming system


Posted by Chef Fabio Tacchella a new video on the use of the 3D Forming system for ‘cooking preparations’, view video…

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3D Forming – presented on International Websites


Our 3D Forming system in recent days was presented by some international websites mainly specialized on 3D applications.

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3D Forming – plaster decorations


Another video on 3D Forming use was posted on YouTube.

We used the objects molded using 3D Forming to create plaster decorations.

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3D Forming – used for chocolate


A new video on 3D Forming use was posted on YouTube.

We used the objects molded using 3D Forming to create chocolate decorations.

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New video on YouTube: 3D Forming – System


We made a first video about the setup and use of 3D Forming system. Look the video…

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Decorfood presents: Robot Factory 3D Forming


Chef Fabio Tacchella (Master and Chef, gastronomer and food writer) presented Robot Factory 3D Forming to show the use of it for cooking preparations, view video…

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Preview – 3D FORMING


Robot Factory presents a WORLD PREVIEW: 3D FORMING

During the exhibition “Abilmente” that take place in Vicenza (Italy), 13th – 16th October , Robot Factory will present a WORLD PREVIEW , its latest production: 3D FORMING – a new, very simple, chance for 3D molds, thus it will start marketing in the coming days.

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Updated price list – July 2016


Updated the Price List of our 3D products

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