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Speaking about 3D printers, all the major world media and analysts argue that we are facing a new industrial revolution and 3D printing technologies, for years in a small circle of insiders, in recent years are on everyone’s lips.

Robot Factory believes in the future, since 2011, with many years of experience in the field of CNC, has started to offer 3D printer, with a new goal: to bring to market 3D Printers Professional affordable, this in a market where a few years ago, the costs were very high and the products and the market was governed only by large corporations.

3D printing (rapid prototyping technique by addition of material) is different from the traditional prototyping technique used in the mechanical industry (technique by removal of material) in which the material was exported from a block of solid material, with a cutter, to obtain an object more or less finished. The additive method, used in the various techniques of 3D printing on the market, constructs the object by adding material (which is different for each technology used) layer upon layer, and this means a greater degree of freedom in the design of what you want to create.

The use of one technology or another is a choice to be evaluated according to a set of parameters that are very different: speed of realization of the piece, the final cost, the investment required for the printer, the cost of consumables, strength and solidity of the object, the surface quality etc. There is not a technology better than another, for each application must be chosen the most appropriate. It ‘s important understand the different technologies available today, their potential and their limits, to choose carefully the most suitable technology based on the characteristics of the object that you want to print.

Today Robot Factory manufactures and sells two different models of 3D printers:

  • 3DLPrinterHD 2.0+ (fourth generation) professional stereolitographic printer with DLP © technology that uses a special photosensitive polymer resin to create objects – high definition printing details.
  • Sliding 3D the new, innovative, professional FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printer. It has many features that can attract the most demanding users, firstly, the printing plane to infinity, to make easy the production of small series and 3D printing of long items (theoretically unbounded in length).

All Robot Factory printers have EC certification and 1 year of warranty. The resins are supplied with MSDS and are produced specifically for use with our 3DLPrinter series, in compliance with the safety standards.

All Robot Factory prodution is MADE IN ITALY.

Robot Factory gives top priority to the customer that use its products, so there is a constant research for new accessories and new materials.

Last but not least, it is essential the Technical Assistance that Robot Factory continues to provide to its customers, informing them always on the news and spreading periodically Technical Notes to support the use of its 3D printers.

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