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3DLPrinter HD 2.0

New 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ (fourth generation): HIGH DEFINITION  for excellent results and an unrivaled speed.


Building a 3D printer like 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ requires more than technology and innovative ideas, an engineering of this type is the result of a philosophy that we always follow with constancy: ensure maximum performance and the best possible longevity to our products.

The 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ (fourth generation) is able to achieve excellent results, as it allows to reach an outstanding surface quality with extremely special detailed . The 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ keeps the most interesting peculiarity of the previous model, the high speed, obtained through the adoption of a particular movement of the tray, which allows a rapid solidification of the whole layer in one operation. The 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+, with DLP® technology, combining thus greater versatility productive with print speeds, allowing exceptional quality of the products.



Resolution up to 10 μm (micron) on the z axis  for a perfect 3D model!


The prototyping technique DLP® (Digital Light Processing) is the system of 3D printing that uses photosensitive polymer resin.

The process is quite simple, a special projector is used to project images in the resin, contained in a vat, which hardens when exposed to light of a certain intensity and wavelength. The projected image hardens a layer of resin at a time, until the entire 3D model has been realized.

To create an object in 3D, you must have a three-dimensional drawing in format STL (Standard Tessellation Language), which is a file format available in all 3D CAD systems, therefore, by using the management program that comes in support of our printers, we create a series of images of the sections of the object (Layer) which will be projected into the resin through the special projector.

3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ (High Definition) is able to get amazing results, because it allows to achieve an extraordinary surface quality with extremely fine detail. This printer retains the most interesting peculiarity of the previous model, the high speed, obtained through the adoption of a particular movement of the vat, which allows a rapid solidification of the entire layer in one operation.

3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+, with DLP®  technology, it combines therefore a greater production versatility to printing speed, getting an exceptional quality of products.


Technical Specifications


Overall dimensions 310 x 380 x 710 mm (length, width, height)
Weight 35 Kg approx
Effective working dimensions 100 x 56,25 x 150 mm (length, width, height)
Power supply 230v 50-60 Hz – 400 W approx
X – Y resolution 50 μm (1920 x 1080 Pixel)
Z resolution From 30 μm to 100 μm
Input file format STL


3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ is supplied with this standard equipment:

  • Management and printing Software 3DL Printer.
  • User Manual.
  • Ultrasonic device (for parts cleaning ).
  • UV oven (for part surface hardening).
  • Special pliers in plastic (for manipulating objects).
  • Plastic spreader (for cleaning the vat).
  • Brush (for the cleaning of the vat).
  • Steel scraper (for remove the printed piece).
  • Pack of moistened napkins (for lens cleaning).
  • Pack of disposable gloves (for part handling).
  • Polypropylene tray (for tools cleaning).
  • Metalic palette (for resin mixing).
  • Hex service key of 2,5 mm.
  • Pack of paper sheets useful (for initial zeroing).
  • Bubble level tool (for printer leveling).
  • 300 g Resin.
  • Package containing two Siligel.
  • Roller (for applying Siligel.)
  • 1 Syringe (capacity 60 ml.) without needle (for remove liquid from ultrasonic device)
  • 1 Rechargeable air blower (for dry the printed piece)
  • 1 Rubber blower (for remove dirt on projector lens)
  • 1 Pack of table paper napkins
  • 1 Inox filter (for filtering the used resin)
  • 1 Spanner -13 mm (to tighten the adjustable feet)


The main features that differ 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ from other 3D printers:

  • one-year warranty.
  • Declaration of EC conformity.
  • Support of the tray with contemporary movement of shifting – tilting (this feature is “only” on 3DLPrinter-series).
  • Supporting structure in steel powder coated in matte black.
  • Prismatic guides with double ball bearing (there are only on professional machines).
  • Z axis with ball screw (there are only on professional machines).
  • Base of the vat in Siligel to allow quick replacement (this function is only on 3DLPrinter series).
  • Construction base of the piece removable for quick cleaning.
  • Base on porcelain stoneware.
  • Coverage – protection in PMMA on ball bearings, with locking (there are only on professional machines).

Robot Factory production is MADE IN ITALY.
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