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3DLPrinter is a PROFESSIONAL stereolithographic printer for everyone, with DLP technology


3DLPrinter for its type and its characteristic can be place easily in any office and/or a laboratory!!!


Robot Factory, for the 3DLPrinter series, has choosen Photopolymerization Technology (Stereolithography) that uses DLP devices. The prototyping technique DLP © (Digital Light Processing) is the 3D printing system that uses a special photosensitive polymer resin to create the objects. The technology is based on the use of a photosensitive material liquid (resin) which is placed in a vat and a DLP projector connected to the computer which projects, one after the other, the horizontal sections of the object that you want to print. The light is projected into the resin making it react and become solid layer by layer. Each layer (layer) is built on top of the previous and constructs the object to additive process. This technique is characterized by very fast printing times that do not depend on the complexity and the number of the objects, but only on the height (unlike the laser technology that depends on the number of objects to be printed and size of them).

The 3D object to be built just need a three-dimensional drawing in STL format (Standard Tessellation Language). For our series printers 3DLPrinter, we have developed a software Printer3DLP which can import models in STL format, the most common type of files for rapid prototyping.

3DLPrinter was engineered with a very compact structure, strong and silent, it ensures excellent performance and reliability, at a better price than comparable printers, which currently delivers the best price performance available today in the market.

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions  440X380X570 (length, width, height)
Weight  40 Kg
Working dimensions  102x78x150 mm (length, width, height)
Piano di appoggio laterale  220×380 mm (length, width)
Power supply  230v 50 – 60Hz – 400W circa (100W+300W projector)
Resolution X,Y 100 μm (1024 x 768 Pixel)
Resolution Z  da 10 μm a 100 μm
Technology  DLP©
Imput file format  STL


DLP © – Registered trademark of Texas Instruments Inc.