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Different 3D – essential, accurate, cheapest 3D Printer

The DLP®(Digital Light Processing) prototyping stereo lithography technology, already known to many, it is the 3D printing system that uses a special photosensitive polymeric resin to create the objects. This technique is characterized by the precision and the resolution that can be achieved hardly with other methods of 3D printing.

The operation of a printer, with DLP® technology, uses a resin that hardens when exposed to a light of a certain intensity and wavelength and a DLP® projector. The layers that make up the object in 3D (slices), are projected in sequence in the resin contained in a vat, inside the Printer. As result of the projected light (layer by layer), the resin solidifies until realizing the entire object.

Different 3D is our new desktop 3D printer, that uses the stereo lithography DLP technology. It is an high quality product, with performance and technical features of professional level, but sold at a very competitive price!

The printer is available in kit or assembled, with or without accessories. With the Different 3D printing system is supplied the Software for management and printing of ‘stl’ files. Also available all the accessories for the finishing of the printed piece (from Ultrasonic device to UV Oven, etc.).

To complete the Different 3D printer, Robot Factory supplies two different types of photosensitive polymeric resin:

RF Resin – CS Red allows the construction of models with high detail, the high surface quality and the precision obtained with this resin require no additional hand-finishing of the piece before use. It is mainly used for the process of casting (called “lost wax casting”), with ‘excellent’ guaranteed results.

RF Resin – HT Green it allows to obtain models perfectly stable and accurate, but with a higher mechanical resistance, compared to the castable resin. This resin can also be used in the process of ‘vulcanization’, because it keeps its structural integrity even when subjected to extreme temperatures (withstands temperatures from -30 °C to +180 °C).

Different 3D printer can generate “very quickly” objects, with high finishing details and with excellent surface finish, typical of a professional 3D printer.

The printing speed is due both to the technology adopted, DLP®, which guarantees times independent of the complexity of the layers and the number of objects, both to ‘our’ resin that requires very short exposure times, but also and especially to the dynamics of the forces obtained by resin vat, developed by us.

Combining high resolution, choice of materials and high speed, Different 3D printer can be adopted in all the areas of 3D printing:

Jewellery & Design



Research & Dev.

Diamante Designer details or jewelry 3D printed using castable resin or for ‘vulcanization’.

Bullone 3D Printed models for checks in the construction details of an item (size, shape, ergonomic).

Denti 3D models for construction of orthodontic models, partial, surgical guides, etc.

Ingranaggi Validation (test pre-functional) for ‘research and development’ of new products, new shapes, new structures, etc.

Main characteristics that differentiates Different 3D from the other printers

  • Ball bearing screw using 3 backlash-free recirculating balls and prismatic guide with double recirculating balls carriage (Z axis)
  • Belt and pulleys with 2:1 ratio between screw and stepper motor (Z axis)
  • Upper and lower ball bearings in the ball bearing screw, for longitudinal backlash-free movement
  • Cover latch can be placed on the left (suitable for left-handed people)
  • Lateral hole for easy focus of the projector (without opening the printer)
  • It is possible to install more than one projector model: Acer (H6510BD) or Benq (TH681)
  • It is possible to change X-Y resolution: 60 µ (default), modifiable to 50 µ or 70 µ or 75 µ
  • Ready for mounting (on the back side) a micro PC (Raspberry Pi 2, Intel NUC, etc.)
  • Construction base made with 19 mm crystal thick, to allow viewing of the printing layers
  • Construction base easy accessible for easy removal / cleaning
  • Zeroing facility present in the printer program
  • Vat of resin with planarity adjustment
  • Vat for resin with bottom FEP® for long life
  • Proprietary electronic control board (on assembled version)
  • Shutter DC motor with encoder (on assembled version)
  • Proprietary management and printing software (on assembled version)
  • Management of the printing steps by program (setup).


Technical Characteristics

Overall dimensions 410 x 340 x 730 mm (Length, Width, Height)
Weight 35 Kg approximately
Printing dimensions ? 150 x 84 x 150 mm (75 µ)? 140 x 78,75 x 150 mm (70 µ)? 120 x 67,50 x 150 mm (60 µ)? 100 x 56,25 x 150 mm (50 µ)
File input format STL
Power supply 230v 50-60Hz – 400 W approximately
X-Y resolution 60 µ (default), settable to 50 µ or 70 µ or 75 µ
Z axis resolution from 10 µ to 100 µ, settable by user
Facility Vat for resin easily removable
One year of warranty on assembled version
Declaration of EC Conformity on assembled version

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DLP®– Registered trademark of Texas Instruments Inc.