3D Printing


Robot Factory production turned to 3D printing from this year it has three new resins, specially manufactured for use with series 3DLPrinter (DLP® technology). The new range of photosensitive resins is aimed at meet the different requirements for professional use of 3D printing, ensuring high performance and definition, while still maintaining a price to the public always very competitive.


The three new resins, usable with 3DLPrinter Series made by Robot Factory, allow to print models usable for:

– direct casting (RF Resin – CS Red), for use mainly addressed to the jewelery sector;

– mechanical or outline marker testing (RF Resin – HT Green), for use mainly directed to the sector of Industrial Design;

– functional / artistic models (RF Resin – GU Blue).


RF Resin – CS Red allows the construction of models with high detail, the high surface quality and the precision obtained with this resin require no additional hand-finishing of the piece before use. It is mainly used for the process of casting (called “lost wax casting”).
RF Resin – HT Green it allows to obtain models perfectly stable and accurate, but with a higher mechanical resistance, compared to the castable resin. This resin can also be used in the process of ‘vulcanization’, because it keeps its structural integrity even when subjected to extreme temperatures(withstands temperatures from -30 °C to +200 °C).
RF Resin – GU Blue being more elastic, is suitable to be more easily manipulated. Is generally a resin ‘multi-purpose’, for print tests without any particular specific uses.

One of the most attractive features of the new resins is the rate of reaction, with a solidification time which ensures an even more high ‘speed’ of the printing process of 3DLPrinter Series. The new resins have a very wide range of reactivity, from 300nm to 420nm and a very low shrinkage: 0.5%.
The new resins have a natural resistance to water and chemicals; In addition, they have a very low odor.

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