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Robot Factory

The founder Andrea Martini since the mid-eighties worked in the field of electronics and computer technology,  creating innovative and revolutionary technological projects. Briefly, we tell the story of Robot Factory.



Robot Factory was born in 2001, from an idea of Andrea Martini, that designs and produces educational robot, equipped with a programmable motherboard that somehow precedes the new most popular Arduino. Robot Factory since 2002, designs, manufactures and sells CNC machines.





In the design of CNC systems Robot Factory puts into practice all his previous experience in fields ranging from electronics to computer science and mechanics. First in the market, offers a computer numerical control machine to assemble, with the aim to give at a wider audience the possibility of using numerical control machine. The production from 2003 to 2013 counts 15 different models of CNC systems, machines engineered with extreme care of mechanics and electronics, particularly rigid, precise and durable.






Since 2011 Robot Factory using its experience in the scope of CNC, has a new goal: to offer professional 3D printer on the market at more affordable prices. A market where until a few years ago the costs were excessive and products for the exclusive privilege of big companies. Currently, Robot Factory designs and produces professional 3D Printers and alongside the first 3D printer, the 3D-ONE (material extrusion 3D printer), since May 2013, started the production of the 3DLPrinter series (stereo-lithographic printers) in three models (3DLPrinter, 3DLPrinter-HD and the new 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0).

The solid experience in the scope and the target to find always other innovations, puts the quality of the products we develop in first place of our goal, without neglecting the needs, proposals, suggestions of our customers. The goals to which we aim, in the field of machine, are versatility, quality and convenience available to increasingly diversified and complex customer group.

We want to give importance to the customer, which is why Robot Factory offers, in addition to the products that develops, also consulting services, training and technical support. The customer service is held,as well as through a publication of technical notes aiming at istructs the user on various topics, related to the best use of the printers.

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