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Sliding – 3D (FFF technology)

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Developed and produced by Robot Factory, Sliding-3D has many features that can attract the most demanding users, firstly, the ‘ printing plane to infinity’, to make easy the production of small series and 3D printing of long items (theoretically unbounded in length). Firstly let’s talk about the most distinguishing feature of this machine: the build volume is 410mm x 380mm x (endless), which means you can handle a uninterrupted work cycle to make prints of various 3D objects, with any 3D print length that you can imagine. The machine is supplied with a convenient External Pad that allows you to manage the printing job even without a computer connection.

The heated bed improves the print quality by keeping the extruded polymer warm and preventing warping. The extruder can reach 280 °C, allowing you to print in all common materials such as PLA, Nylon, PETG and HIPS, as well as many others currently available in the market.

The precision of Sliding-3D allows you to print starting from a 0.15mm thickness layer. The machine comes with interchangeable nozzles da 0.4mm, for finer details, and 0.6mm for large, high speed prints (0.8mm and 1.0mm nozzles are also available).

Here’s how it works: the machine is a non-orthogonal coordinate system in which the construction plane does not coincide with the adhesion plane of printing object. The X-Y plane is inclined on the Z axis. So, it prints any layers to a fixed angle from the Z axis. This feature, along with Z axis that is a moving belt, it allows the printing plane shifts itself continually with respect to the extruder. This one is inclined in turn (at a fixed angle) relative to the plane. This system allows you to print ‘in a continuous way‘.

This makes the use of Sliding-3D, suitable in a wide range of productions, to obtain quality 3D models with high stability. Its technology can create accurate functional prototypes, manufacturing aids, customized objects, medical aids, parts for design checks, including for mechanical engineering, because it is suitable both for serial production of small items as well as for 3D printed large objects.

The supporting structure is made using structural aluminum profiles, stainless steel, prismatic guides with double ball bearing, it ensures precision and rigidity to the system, this means high accuracy in the printing results.

We can supply, also, Box  for protection and insulation, that allows to keep controlled the temperatures during the printing process, more info on page Sliding-3D BOX

3D printing using Sliding-3D, in most cases it also has the advantage (not least) of not require any ‘support structure’, allowing to greatly reduce printing time and material use, because it will be take advantage of self-supporting angle. Furthermore, the generation of printing layers inclined on the printing plane, gives greater rigidity to the printed piece, because it considerably reduces the possible ‘delamination’ between the layers.

The recommended software for Sliding-3D is the Simplify3D suite, for this one, we supply the configuration and a specific program to generate the correct inclination of the printing layers after the slicing of the 3D drawing (possible inclinations: 45° – default / 35° / 25°).

Technical specifications

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
410mm x 380mm x ∞ (endless)
1.100mm x 570mm x 770mm
0.15 – 1.0 mm
Supplied nozzle diameter 0.4 / Filament diameter 1.75 mm
PLA/Nylon/HIPS/Fiberglass / Carbon fiber & others
280 °C
36 kg
USB – SD Card
External Pad

On demand: Color LCD display – Touch screen – WiFi.

Robot Factory production is MADE IN ITALY.

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