3D Printing

Copperface, the new mini galvanic is coming!

Copperface is the mini galvanic designed and produced by Robot Factory S.r.l., quick and easy to use for the metallization of plastic materials.

galvo2As is well known, galvanize means deposit, electrolytically, a thin layer of metal over an object (which is also normally metallic), it is however also possible to metallize the plastic materials before making them conductive.

The process of ‘metallization’ with the system Copperface, is particularly simple and allows you to deposit a metal surface on plastic models obtained by 3D printing. Copperface can work with copper, nickel, silver, gold, etc …

The system Copperface, has been designed knowing that the materials ‘plastic’ are non-conducting and therefore to be able to metallize an object in the ‘plastic’ must first depositing on it a conductive substrate (graphite, silver, etc.) that allows then the metallization electrowinning.