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Robotfactory – “back to the future”.

Robotfactory – “back to the future”

As early as 2001 Robot Factory designed and produced the first educational robots, equipped with a programmable motherboard, manufactured and sold in assembly kits.

Later, Robot Factory, the first on the market, created a CNC system to be assembled, with the aim of making the possibility of using numerical control machines available to an increasingly wider public. Since 2002 for several years Robot Factory has designed, produced and sold several CNC systems, mostly produced and distributed in assembly kits.

Since 2011 Robot Factory, using its many years of experience in the CNC field, has set itself a new goal, offering affordable professional 3D printers on the market.

Today Robot Factory is proud to produce, from many years ago, several high quality and performance 3D printers.

We do everything it’s possible to ensure that every 3D printer produced by us it is engineered to the highest standards, beyond what is required by any national and international certification…machines engineered with extreme care in the mechanics and electronics contained in them, resulting particularly solid, precise and long-lasting 3D printers.

The reason for this meticulous design and construction is because since its beginnings Robot Factory has channeled its energies into innovative projects, which take the form of products engineered with the utmost attention to detail and destined to be effective and long-lived tools to be used in successful reality.

“We know and understand the concerns of who approaches new technologies and we would never build anything in which we do not believe 100%.

The long experience in the production of various assembly kits has made us particularly careful to every detail that can facilitate the assembly (and subsequently the use) of the Silver Belt kit, the exclusive FDM-45 3D printer equipped of a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, achievable through an all-metal mounting kit. Furthermore, in production every kit is inspected and guaranteed to be of high quality before it being shipped to the customer. This is why we at Robot Factory believe that the SILVER BELT kit will prove to be the best ever made to build an FDM-45 3D printer and we believe that soon more and more people will agree with us!

Preview of Silver Belt Kit

At Formnext 2019, the world reference event for all those looking for solutions for next-generation industrial production that take place in Frankfurt (Germany), 19-22 November 2019, Robot Factory attends and presents all the news on the consolidated series of Sliding-3D, which sees the PLUS model, designed to guarantee maximum performance also using technologically enhanced materials that normally require extrusion temperatures between 280 °C and 450 °C, alongside to the standard model, already presented at the Formnext 2018 edition.

But the real novelty of this year on the Robot Factory stand is represented by the newborn Silver Belt. It is with this new product, which will be distributed in a mounting kit starting from the end of November, that Robot Factory promises to spread the most innovative technology of the last years in the extruded filament 3D printing.

The Silver Belt printer, as well as the professional Sliding-3D series printers, is a non-orthogonal coordinate system in which the construction plane does not coincide with the adhesion plane of the object to be printed. The X-Y plane is inclined with respect to the Z axis, therefore, the printing of each layer is inclined at a fixed angle with respect to this. This feature, together with the fact that the Z axis is a moving belt, allows the printing plane to move continuously with respect to the extruder, which in turn is inclined at 45° with respect to the plane, thus allowing to print objects in series , or very long objects, in an almost uninterrupted work cycle.

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