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The FDM-45 3D printer “all metal kit”

After several successful projects produced and sold in kit since the first years of our activity and using our long lasting experience in the 3D printer industry, we present Silver Belt, the unique FDM-45 3D Printer equipped of a sliding print bed and the 45° inclined extruder, entirely achievable through an “all metal Kit“.

The first one that does not request any plastic printed parts!

The Silver Belt Kit is the solution by Robot Factory for all Makers who aspire to build a 3D printer equipped with all the most innovative features for continuous printing. This technology, particularly suitable both to print multiple parts in a series, as well as to print large objects (theoretically unbounded in length) has been the subject of numerous projects developed, more or less successfully, by various Makers all over the world.

Developing the Silver Belt 3D printer, Robot Factory made this technology truly usable for all Makers, because they offer a complete kit, comprehensive of all parts!

We know and understand the concerns of who approaches new technologies and we would never build anything in which we do not believe 100%. The long experience in the production of various assembly kits has made us particularly careful to every detail that can facilitate the assembly (and subsequently the use) of the Silver Belt kit. Furthermore, in production every kit is inspected and guaranteed to be of high quality before it being shipped to the customer”.

The Silver Belt Kit is available with all its parts, mechanical structure and electronic part (complete with preassembled cables, extruder and motors), or only the mechanical structure. Assembling the kit is very simple, it does not require any special equipment, especially for the electronic part that is all pre wired, it is not needs to use the welder or crimp the connectors.

Available free on request all the information including countless exploded drawings and detailed lists of the various components, which make the Silver Belt 3D printer assemblable in a few hours.

3D printer Silver Belt is a non-orthogonal coordinate system in which the construction plan does not coincide with the adhesion plan of printing object. The X-Y plan is inclined on the Z axis. So, it prints any layers to a fixed angle from the Z axis. This feature, along with Z axis that is a moving belt, it allows the build platform shifts itself continually with respect to the extruder. This one is inclined in turn (at a fixed angle) relative to the build platform. This system allows you to print ‘in a continuous way’.

Printing at 45° angle

Using Silver Belt, the printing layers are generated inclined by 45° to the printing plane, this feature entails multiple advantages compared to any other traditional 3D printer:

  • 3D printing does not require any support structure, since with a minimum of experience, in design phase you can exploit the self-supporting corner of the 3D model, this characteristic saves buckets of cash and time!
  • The printing layers, inclined with respect to the print bed, give greater rigidity to the printed model, since it considerably increases the internal forces between the layers of material, giving to it better mechanical properties.
  • The surface quality, especially of the bottom (part in contact with the Z axis), is not affected by the usual problems of the traditional 3D printers, and the top surface is significantly better of those are obtained using the traditional FFF printers (there are no contour lines on the curved surfaces).
Other relevant details:
Stainless steel belt

Where any support for better adhesion can be applied.

Electronic Integrated

Electronic part integrated in the rear of the machine with optimized ventilation.

Easy assembly

8 hours approx.

Particularly accurate kit

With all the components necessary for assembly.

High-thickness aluminum cylinders

That rotate on ball bearings.

Prismatic guides

With double-recirculating ball bearing.

Other characteristics

  • Silver anodised aluminum profiles
  • The non-aluminum parts are made using galvanized steel
  • Convenient support for the filament spool integrated in the machine
  • Safety protection along the stainless steel belt.

All Robot Factory production is MADE IN ITALY.

Technology FDM-45
Machine size 770 mm x 480 mm x 700 mm
Build Volume X: 270 mm Y: 300 mm Z: endless
Layer thickness 0.15 – 1.0 mm and beyond
Nozzle/Filament size Supplied diameter 0.4 / Wire with diameter 1.75 mm
Heating body Quick change (Extruder Heat-Break – Heating Block – Nozzle)
Print bed Heated up to 50 °C using PCB MK2B (for high temperature it must be replaced)
Extruder temperature Max 240 °C with Extruder Heat-Break with PTFE thread guide
Filament type PLA/Nylon/HIPS and other types
Weight 25 kg approx
Connect USB – SD
Control device Integrated graphic PAD
Power Supply 220v / 230v 50-60Hz – 750 W approx


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