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Sliding-3D is the new 3D printer that uses thermoplastic extrusion technology, it is developed and produced by Robot Factory Srl.

Sliding-3D is the first professional 3D printer which uses a moving print bed with 45° inclined extruder.

Sliding-3D is equipped with an infinite print bed, that makes this 3D printer particularly suitable both to print multiple parts in a series, as well as to print large objects (theoretically unbounded in length). The distinctive feature of Sliding-3D is the build volume (410mm x 380mm x ∞ – endless), because the print bed is a sliding belt. For this reason, Sliding-3D can be engaged in an uninterrupted work cycle.

Using Sliding-3D, when a continuous printing batch is running, any time that a job is completed, a new job starts automatically and the printing goes on. During the printing job the belt goes forward until the printed object, reaching the front roller, detach itself from the same belt. In this way the items can be collected in a container in front of the roller.

Sliding-3D is supplied with a convenient External PAD, it allows to manage the printing job using an SD card, even without a computer connection.

Main Features:
Good adhesion

Sliding-3D has a special print bed made using a composite material, it does not require any preparation (glue, spray, adhesive belt, etc.), because it prevents the possible detachment of the model during the printing phase and favors the detachment at the end of printing phase.

Extruder Cooling System

With the double fan, an air flow is created that allows the perfect cooling of the extruder while maintaining the nozzle at maximum temperature.

Heated bed

Sliding-3D is equipped with a heated bed, this one improves the print quality by keeping the extruded polymer warm and preventing warping.

Stable and strong machine

Sliding-3D has the structure, engineered using aluminum structural profiles, stainless steel and prismatic guides which have carriage with double balls bearing. These characteristics guarantee precision and rigidity to the system, which means high precision in the printing result. Sliding-3D is a high quality product, aimed to a professional use of 3D printing.

Controlled temperature

Sliding-3D can be equipped, on request, with a protective BOX made by aluminum profiles and transparent polycarbonate. The BOX is suitably engineered to create a controlled temperature environment, required to print technologically advanced materials, preserving the functional characteristics of Sliding-3D.

Support structures

Exploiting at the same time the endless print bed, the inclination of the printing layers and the layers translational function, Sliding-3D can reduce up to 100% the support structures (for the ‘overhangs’) usually needed to print using the other 3D printers. This means the extraordinary benefit of saving time and material used for the same print and drastically reducing post-processing times (usually required for the removal of any support structures and for the finishing of the printed part).


Sliding-3D uses the Simplify3D suite, therefore for this software it is provided the configuration necessary for its best use. Since Sliding-3D prints using 45° layer inclination, it is provided the axis translations program to manage the inclination of the printing layers and the serialization of the printing jobs.

Printing at 45° angle

Using Sliding-3D, the printing layers are generated inclined by 45° to the printing plane, this feature entails multiple advantages compared to any other traditional 3D printer:

  • Sliding-3D does not require any support structure, since with a minimum of experience, in design phase you can exploit the self-supporting corner of the 3D model, this characteristic saves buckets of cash and time!
  • The printing layers, inclined with respect to the print bed, give greater rigidity to the printed model, since it considerably increases the internal forces between the layers of material, giving to it better mechanical properties.
  • The surface quality, especially of the bottom (part in contact with the Z axis), is not affected by the usual problems of the traditional 3D printers, and the top surface is significantly better of those are obtained using the traditional FFF printers (there are no contour lines on the curved surfaces).


So, Sliding-3D is an Eco-friendly 3D printer, because, not requiring any support structure, it reduces the need of material and it reduces the plastic waste (removed supports), as well as the energy consumption during the printing process. Which makes Sliding-3D a 3D printer with a reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, not requiring any preparation (glue, spray, adhesive tape, etc.) on the print bed, it further reduces the environmental impact.

Sliding-3D requires very little maintenance, the only things to check for an optimal printing result are the distance of the nozzle from the print bed (belt), as well as the cleaning of the nozzle.

Sliding-3D is suitable to use in a wide range of industries and to obtain quality 3D models with high stability. Its technology can create accurate functional prototypes, manufacturing aids, customized objects, medical aids, parts for design checks, including for mechanical engineering, and 3D models in one-to-one scale to develop assembly processes, because it is suitable both to print multiple parts in a series, as well as to print large objects.


Available two models

Sliding-3D can be supplied in two different versions characterized by different arrangements, while maintaining its main features.

  • Sliding-3D Standard mounts the extruder block that supports extrusion temperatures up to 280 °C, allowing to print in all common materials such as PLA, Nylon, PETG, HIPS, TPU as well as many others currently available in the market.
  • Sliding 3D PLUS is suitable for printing in addition to the usual materials also technologically advanced materials that are extruded at high temperatures, as it uses the new extruder block equipped with a Type K – Class I – thermocouple mounted in the new heating block that allows the nozzle to reach temperatures up to 480 °C. In the Sliding 3D PLUS version the extruder cooling system was upgraded and the quick nozzle change system was adopted. Furthermore, in the PLUS version the belt is made with new materials that can withstand temperatures on the heated bed up to over 130 °C. Sliding-3D PLUS has been developed to ensure maximum performance even using technologically powerful materials that usually require extrusion temperatures between 280 °C and 480 °C, such as Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, PPS, Thermec™, PEEK, Ultem™, etc
Sliding-3D standard
Sliding-3D plus

Sliding-3D (both versions) comes with 0.4mm nozzle, for finer details, and 0.6mm nozzle for large, high speed prints (0.8mm and 1.0mm nozzles are also available on request).

On request

  • PAD equipped with color LCD display – Touch screen – WiFi
  • Different Nozzles

Robot Factory production is MADE IN ITALY.


Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Build Volume 410mm x 380mm x ∞ (endless)
Machine Size 1.100mm x 570mm x 770mm
Thickness Layer 0.15 – 1.0 mm
Nozzle/Filament Supplied nozzle diameter 0.4 / Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Filament Type (standard) PLA, Nylon, PETG, HIPS, TPU and other
Filament Type (PLUS) Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, PPS, Thermec™, PEEK, Ultem™, PLA, Nylon, PETG, HIPS, TPU and other
Extruder Temp. (standard) 280 °C
Extruder Temp. (PLUS) 480 °C
Sensor (standard) Thermistor NTC (fino a 300 °C)
Sensor (PLUS) Type K – Class I – thermocouple with amplifier (up to 1090 °C)
Extruder Cooling (standard) Two 40 x 10 fans
Extruder Cooling (PLUS) Two 40 x 20 fans
Heating Block (standard) Aluminum
Heating Block (PLUS) Other than Aluminum
Nozzle Change (standard) Using a socket wrench
Nozzle Change (PLUS) Quick nozzle complete change system
Weight 36 kg
Connect USB – SD Card
Control Device External PAD



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