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Upgrade kit for your 3D printer

Steel Roller 45 Kit provide an infinite print bed, that makes your 3D printer particularly suitable both to print multiple parts in a series, as well as to print large objects (theoretically unbounded in length). The print bed is a sliding belt, for this reason Steel Roller 45 Kit can be engaged in an uninterrupted work cycle.

With this Kit you can upgrade your traditional 3D printer to a totally autonomous production machine. So you will print your 3D creations without limits!


This brand new tool for 3D printers consists of Stainless Steel conveyor belt which replaces the print bed of the printer on which it is mounted.

The installation of Steel Roller 45 Kit allows you to continue using the heating bed of the Y axis of your 3D printer.

For example, if the original printing area of your 3D printer is: mm 220x220x250

The printing area with Steel Roller 45 Kit become: mm 200x180xENDLESS

Using Steel Roller 45 Kit on your 3D printer when a continuous printing batch is running, any time that a job is completed, a new job starts automatically and the printing goes on. During the printing job the belt goes forward until the printed object, reaching the front roller, detach itself from the same belt. In this way the items can be collected in a container in front of the roller.


The question you will ask yourself… Why should I use an accessory that costs more than my 3D printer ?

The answer depends on:

Printing at 45° angle

Using Steel Roller 45 Kit, the printing layers are generated inclined by 45° to the printing bed, this feature entails multiple advantages compared to any other traditional 3D printer:

  • Steel Roller 45 Kit does not require practically any support structure, since with a minimum of experience, in design phase you can exploit the self-supporting corner of the 3D model, this characteristic saves buckets of cash and time!
  • The printing layers, inclined with respect to the print bed, give greater rigidity to the printed model, since it considerably increases the internal forces between the layers of material, giving to it better mechanical properties.
  • The surface quality, especially of the bottom(part in contact with the Z axis), is not affected by the usual problems of the traditional 3D printers, and the topsurface is significantly better of those are obtained using the traditional FFF printers (there are no contour lines on the curved surfaces).


With Steel Roller Kit it is no longer necessary to align the entire printing bed, because the extruder works only on the transverse line.

How to assemble the Steel Roller 45 Kit

We provide a step-by-step photographic guide with all the documentation and information necessary to assemble the kit in the best possible way.

TO INSTALL THE KIT ON YOUR 3D PRINTER: Follow the detailed step by step guide, so you can install easily the Steel Roller 45 Kit at the base of the 3D printer.

The installation is simple, but it is important to consider that it is necessary to have a minimum of mechanical skills and programmin experience.


(*) need Bootloader

Next Step, wiring and program your mainboard: We provide all the necessary cables for connection (and if required the motherboard programmer for Bootloader) with all the details for a correct update.

How to use Steel Roller 45

It’s very simple… as you have always done, put your file in the slicer and generate the Gcode, then upload the Gcode in the Steel Roller Shifter a software provided in bundle.

You are ready to print, put the new Gcode in your 3D Printer and have fun!

With Stell Roller 45 kit we suggest the Simplify3D suite, therefore for this software it is provided the configuration necessary for its best use. Since Steel Roller 45 prints using 45° layer inclination, it is provided the axis translations program to manage the inclination of the printing layers and the serialization of the printing jobs.

Steel Roller Kit vs Steel Roller 45 kit

Steel Roller Kit allows to print one (or more) pieces “in sequence” (batch of jobs), ie each time one printing job has ended, another one can starts automatically. In this manner: once a piece has been printed, the print bed is carried forward automatically, until the complete detachment of the printed piece, and then it returns to the initial position, allowing the start of a new print job… and printing continues…

Steel Roller 45, it’s different system! It allows continuous printing (even of very long pieces, more than the size of the printing bed) without ever stopping.

In each one, Steel Roller and Steel Roller 45, the Z axis is a sliding belt, the feature that allows to the print bed to slide. But, only with Steel Roller 45 the extruder is inclined in turn (at a fixed angle of 45°) relative to the printing bed. In this manner the Steel Roller 45 allows you to print ‘in a continuous way’. So, Steel Roller 45 makes your 3D printer particularly suitable both to print multiple parts in a series, as well as to print large objects (theoretically unbounded in length).

Robot Factory production is MADE IN ITALY.


Compatible models:
Creality Ender series (Ender3, Ender Pro, etc.)



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